SinkDepot sinks FAQ

Q: What is European finish?

A: It is the rich, deep, satin smooth finish rather than a surface gloss. The exquisite European Polish is formed by swirly patterns, rather than straight line polishing.

Q: Can I use a rubber mat inside my sink?

A: No. Rubber mats trap water causing iron deposits, and surface discoloration.

Q: What does the gauge of stainless steel mean?

A: It is the thickness of the stainless steel sheet used. The lower the number of the gauge, the thicker the stainless steel. High quality residential kitchen sinks are usually 18 gauge (1.2mm)

Q: What is the difference between an undermount and a topmount (inset) sink?

A: A topmount sink has a lip that folds over the countertop, and rests on top of the countertop cut-out, while an undermount sink is securely installed from under the counter with fasteners. Undermount sinks expose a polished edge of granite, or marble along the cut-outs, and require more polishing, and labor. Undermount sink cut-out is therefore a more expensive option.

Q: Why is my stainless steel sink undercoated?

A: It is undercoated in order to absorb sound, protect against condensation, and maintain sink water temperature.

Q: Are there different types of stainless steel for sinks?

A: Yes. Material content, and quality changes from one type of stainless steel, to another. Some stainless steel sinks look bright, and shiny at first, but rust and corrode in time.

Corrosion resistance, and durability strictly depends on the best combination of chromium, and nickel content.

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